Workplace Wellness Programs

Photo of person working on their computer in a coffee shop.

How's your team doing? 

Do you have a group of employees, co-workers, or others in your organization that are working from home?  Have you been able to check in on them and their healthy habits during this strange time?  There's a lot going on for all of us and wellness can sometimes fall to the bottom of the priority pile.  Be your team's hero by coordinating a fun event

You can foster a culture of well-being without overthinking it.  You can remotely engage your team.  You can promote productivity and healthy, happy people.  Let me help you do that.


The sky's the limit in terms of what can be accomplished over a lunch hour.  There are a number of options for team building via a Zoom call while moving, meditating, or learning about movement. 

Together we can coordinate something for your group.  Contact me, I'd love to chat about the options with you.