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Why I Collect Broken People

I've been recovering from a pretty significant injury for three years. In the course of my recovery, I have worked diligently to surround myself with people who are, like me, broken in some way. Big Tuna says I "collect" them.

Being broken isn’t a bad thing. I use that as a term of endearment. You might even say I wear it myself as a badge of honour.

When I was my most broken, which wasn't that long ago, and to be honest, may still be now from time to time, what I really needed was another broken person to understand what my brokenness felt like. I didn't want to have to explain why I did or said what I did or said, I didn't want to sound like I was giving excuses, or making attempts to hide how I was feeling in a show of bravado. I just wanted to be.

My friends, of course, the ones who aren't broken in the same way that I am, they were always curious about how I was "doing", and they wanted details about how things were "going". I love those friends. I love that they love me enough to want to know how I am. But I also love the broken friends, the friends who are broken like me, with whom I don't have to explain or excuse or attempt to hide.

So when I collect my broken people, whether they are clients or not, I do it because I want to hold space for them the way I wanted (and continue to want) someone to hold space for me.

Know that I can't unbreak you. I don't have special healing powers. I can't fix things that sometimes aren't fixable, and I can't fix things that require intervention that I'm not capable of providing. What I can do is understand you, work around what you need to work around, and hold space for you in a compassionate way that is sometimes hard to find.

We are all entitled to health and movement. We are all entitled to not feel judged. We are all entitled to be embraced for the things we can accomplish notwithstanding the obstacles that are in our way and may never be moved. We are all entitled to find new goals within new limits. And we all deserve to be treated with respect for all that we have been through and also for the things we are currently trying to get through. I may not have the same exact issues as you, but we share the ”broken” label. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing - it just is, and that’s ok.

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