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What Do Hummingbirds Eat?

Why we don’t (*really) talk about food at Charm School

We don’t talk about food much at Charm School. For example, I am not going to ask a client about his or her eating habits in a training session. We don’t express our love of getting sweaty as “burning off the decisions we made the night before”. We don’t talk about weight, or the numbers on a scale. To be clear, we don’t go out of our way to avoid those topics, but it isn’t a foundational focus of the programs we offer here. Weight loss may be your goal, and it may also be *your* happy by-product of working out with us, but it isn’t the purpose of what we do here and it isn’t *everyone’s* goal.

At Charm School, we aren’t moving our bodies to move the number on the scale. We are moving our bodies because it evokes joy, it has countless health benefits (besides a healthy weight) and it feels good. Everyone's goal at Charm School is to move.

Each of us eats to live. We eat to celebrate. We eat to grieve. We eat to thrive. We eat when we’re bored or excited. We all do it. Some of us do it very poorly. Some of us do it very well. It isn’t my place to tell any one what they should or shouldn’t be eating, and it probably isn’t your place either unless you are educated to do so. When a client asks me about food choices, I will always refer them to the appropriate professional whose education and expertise make them a far better sounding board for those types of questions. My role as head hummingbird here at Charm School is to move, to make movement part of your every day, and to make movement something you enjoy doing.

Each of us has a unique and important relationship with food. For some of us, that relationship is abusive. For some of us, the topic alone is triggering. But the most important reason of all for not bringing food to the workout party conversation is that it isn’t as related as you might think.

Here’s the disconnect. While all of us may be eating (poorly or well, not my place to say), not all of us are moving. Movement is important to our well-being, our physical health and our emotional health. Moving is foundational to life and living a good and full life. We explore movement of all kinds and we celebrate the diversity of ways to move here at Charm School.

If you need a recipe for blueberry muffins, I’m happy to hook you up. But I have no idea how many calories are in them and it’s irrelevant to how much fun we have in class.

It’s a concerted effort to keep separate the two things that we naturally assume to be related. We do that because we want to make movement the star of the show - for its own sake and because it’s important all on its own.

And the reward for movement is joy.

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