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Movie Montage

I’ve been thinking a little bit about the movie montage that would be created to summarize the transition from the day I hit my head, to today. A movie montage is a pretty awesome and succinct way to summarize a transition, isn't it? In every 80’s movie I can think of, there’s a movie montage (with accompanying inspirational soundtrack) to show the dorky girl being transformed into the prom queen, or the down-and-out street urchin being transformed to boxing-ring readiness.

My movie montage would involve a lot of sleeping.

And I still fall down randomly sometimes.

And my mouth. Oh boy. The things I say. Sometimes I don’t even realize how jumbled my words can get until they’ve been explained to me.

But there has been progress. So much progress.

My movie montage wouldn’t end with the crown at prom, or the title belt. My movie montage would probably just be another nap. Or a swollen elbow or knee. And I’m completely ok with that. I resisted new normal for so long that I made it my focus to try to get myself back to the person I was, and the place I was in, three years ago this Saturday. But I’m not that person anymore. I want different things for myself because this person I’ve become needs different things.

My new normal isn’t at all about accepting limitations resulting from a brain injury. I will still always resist limitations. My new normal is about accepting a new way of looking at what the world has to offer me. My focus, my drive, is different. There are new opportunities for me that didn’t exist before because I have been given a gift. Strange to think of something like this as a gift I suppose, but it is.

Insurmountable obstacles are never truly insurmountable. If you can’t go over, go through. If you can’t go through, take a look inside yourself and find a different route or maybe still, find a better destination.

The movie montage of the last three years ends with me sitting contentedly, tapping out a blog post, and focusing on what I can accomplish, not what I can’t. There’s a smile on my face. This is a slow process, but it has been very rewarding.

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