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Lucky Charm

Today seems like an appropriate day to take some time to consider the role of luck in our lives. I’ve always been a little bit superstitious, and I’ve had many good luck charms throughout the years. When I was in law school, I carried a jade elephant with its tusk facing upwards in my pencil case. Now, I have a pewter starfish with the word “strength” engraved on it in my wallet (not that I go anywhere). Whether it’s a four-leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot, some of us naturally latch on to the symbolism of a lucky charm.

I wouldn’t say that the jade elephant is what got me through law school. I wouldn’t credit the pewter starfish with my ongoing recovery from this brain injury either. I just like knowing they are there. Something to focus on in a moment of indecision or uncertainty. Something to help coax some strength out from within when the time or circumstances call for it. Those charms were never the source of strength, mind you, they just helped to direct it when needed.

How often have you heard the phrases, “lucky break” or “what are the chances”? When we credit our success to luck (which I think many of us do far too often), believe it or not, we’re doing ourselves a disservice. Winning the lottery may be lucky but being successful in an endeavor is not. Hard work and determination drive success.

When it comes to recovery, it isn’t enough to hope for the best. There’s no lucky break, there’s no ‘good health’ lottery winnings, and you don’t get a certificate at the end saying: “way to go, you did it”. When it comes to recovery, you have to roll up your sleeves, take ownership of your circumstances, and you have to put in the hard work. And please don’t forget to give credit where credit is due, because there may not be somebody standing at the finish line of your life to pat you on your back. You did this, you are doing this, and you will continue to do this, every day. You can and should celebrate your achievements, because you need to be your biggest fan.

Recovery is an ongoing process and to me, luck is a one-time thing. Luck is random. Crediting luck with a recovery that’s going well is, well, a shame really. We work hard, we push forward, and we focus on what’s important. And we keep doing that every damn day because that’s what is required. We are not randomly succeeding, we are finding our strength and our willingness to persevere in that place inside ourselves where it grows and is cultivated. Find that place inside yourself, shift your focus away from the importance of luck, and start making decisions based on how important it is for you to be successful for you. Embrace gratitude and optimism and reward yourself honestly and frequently for your own hard work.

Be your biggest cheerleader, be the best quarterback on your team, and while you’re at it, put on the coach hat too. Toss the four-leaf clover on the mantle (because let’s be real, you don’t throw those away), and drive your focus to what’s within you to see success.

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