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Disconnected Routines and Being Present

We're all feeling a little (understatement) disconnected these days. Disconnected from our friends, our workplaces, our baristas, our hair stylists, the list is endless. One of the other ways we're all feeling disconnected, and the one I want to focus on today is how we might be feeling disconnected from our routines.

By removing so much of our day-to-day interactions this past year and a bit, we've fallen into new and possibly unusual routines. These routines don't feel permanent, or maybe even familiar to us, and therefore they feel like they don't belong. Making your cup of coffee in the morning instead of grabbing at the shop on the way up to the office, or watching cartoons with your child on Saturday morning instead of heading off to a yoga class are two examples of the differences we've been noticing. They're not bad. They're just different. And because we've been caught up in the fact that that the world will reopen, we've deemed them impermanent and we aren't letting ourselves get used to them.

That reservation we are applying to our attachment to new routines isn't doing us any favours. When we refuse to accept something for what it is - a moment for a moment's sake - we aren't being present for ourselves. If you make that cup of coffee at home the whole time pining for how great it will be to get back to your 'regular' coffee shop routine, you're doing a disservice to the moment you are presently experiencing. Refusing to accept the goodness of that moment, that cup of coffee, because you're caught up in something that you believe is better.

It's ok to look forward to things. I'll never tell you not to dream big or to have goals. But it's also ok to stop and appreciate some new routines you've inadvertently developed while your old ones weren't available. Now especially, as we teeter on the edge of normalcy and a return to life as we knew it, take stock of the new routines you had previously labelled as temporary and therefore failed to appreciate. See if there are any you might prefer to hang on to or adapt into new ones. At the very least, see if you can appreciate them for these last few weeks or days rather than only dreaming about the way things will soon be. Be present in this moment, it might surprise you.

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