Wednesday mornings we are feeling the weight of the week already.  We stay pretty close to the mat for 20 minutes on Wednesday mornings for a core series designed to build up the most important strength you've got - it's what holds you up all day long!  Light hand weights are optional but not required.  


Tuesday and Thursday mornings, it's a twenty-minute investment in yourself at the start of your day.  High intensity interval training.  Short bursts of work followed by a short break, rinse and repeat.  All you need is a mat and your runners. Get more done in the first twenty minutes of your day than most people will do all week.  All levels welcome, modifications are provided and encouraged, and you will be amazed at what you can do, I promise.


Want to start your week right?  Get a half hour workout done first thing.  Feel powerful, get energized, be challenged.  We move, flow, and strengthen on the mat.  Get the blood flowing right at the beginning of the week and see where it takes you!  Mondays at 6:45 AM CST.  It's only a half hour - yes, you can.