For two weeks, three times a week (MWF), it's a half hour investment in yourself at the start of your day.  Circuit-style body-weight exercise; all you need is a mat and your runners (clothing is also recommended but if you join in your jammies, we don't judge).  Small group fitness where we get to know one another and hold each other accountable to show up for each class. You can leave your mic and camera on.  The mic is to chirp at me when I make you do something hard, the camera is so I can be watching you for correct form so we can avoid injury.


For two weeks, twice a week (TuTh), it's a twenty-minute investment in yourself at the start of your day.  High intensity interval training.  Short bursts of work followed by a short break, rinse and repeat.  All you need is a mat and your runners. Get more done in the first twenty minutes of your day than most people will do all week.  All levels welcome, modifications are provided and encouraged, and you will be amazed at what you can do, I promise.


In February, Boot Camp (MWF) and HIIT It (TuTh) are running for two weeks only - from February 8th to the 19th.  You can opt in to some or all of the fun.  Any 4 classes (whether it's just the HIIT It classes, or any combination of the classes), any 6 (maybe all of the MWF, or any combination of Boot Camp or HIIT It) or you can challenge yourself and crush the full two weeks with 10 classes.  Register for the one that suits your schedule and watch for an email on the 7th with details on how to log in to class.  If you have any questions at all - send me a message!